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Improving Perspective and Personality Quotients A Session with IPS Dr. Mrs Pragya Jain
Event Start Date : 12/02/2019 Event End Date 12/02/2019

Improving Perspective and Personality Quotients: A Session with IPS Dr. Mrs Pragya Jain

D.A.V. Public School, Pakhowal Road, Ludhiana organized an informative session on Improving Perspective and Personality Quotients by Hon'ble IPS Dr.Mrs. Pragya Jain, Assistant Superintendent of Police, Ludhiana Commissionerate. Around 200 students of Class IX and XI attended got enlightened by the vision of Dr. Pragya .It was indeed very inspiring for all the teachers and students to listen to the prestigious thoughts of a legend who is a proud alumnus of D.A.V. Dr. Pragya had an eye-opener session with the students on improving the intellect, Physical, emotional and social quotients. She also talked of Circle of concern and circle of influence. She encouraged the students to set goals and nourish their goals with hard work and diligence by avoiding distractions which stand as a barrier between them and their goals. She guided the students to follow their passions and avoid extremes. She urged the students to respect the opinions of their elders and understand their concern for them. She also suggested many fruitful strategies to improve their intellect.  She motivated the students to read extensively and gather information and attain wisdom. 

On being asked about her own success secret, Dr. Pragya shared that she tries to search happiness in becoming resourceful and helpful to others. Besides being a successful doctor, she had a keen desire to reach and treat the root cause of social problems. This directed her passion to clear UPSC Exams. 

The Principal Dr. Satwant Kaur Bhullar admired the vision and mission of Dr.Pragya Jain and stressed the need of such role models in the society. She equipped the students with many valuable tips to manage the stress of upcoming Examination. The session concluded with an open interaction with the students who came forward to clarify their doubts and queries. The session was a great morale booster and stress buster for the students.


Dr. Satwant Kaur Bhullar