Weaving Healthy Relations with Adults

DAV Public School, Pakhowal Road Ludhiana invited the senior members of Senior Citizen’s Welfare Association Ludhiana (SCWAL) to have an interaction with the school students on bridging the gap between the grandparents , parents and themselves. The guests included Sr.Balbir Singh ji, Shri D.R.Bhatti ji , Shri Inder Mohan Chiba ji, Sr.Yadwinder Singh Ji, Shri SK Seth ji and many other elite personalities who spoke at length to restore the values of respect, discipline, care and love towards the elders at home. Er.Balbir Singh President SCWAL welcomed the guests and the students. Sr. Yadwinder Singh ji explained the role of good health in producing good thoughts. Shri. D.R. Bhatti ji expressed his concern for the deteriorating values of the youth and suggested ways to the students to fill the gap with understanding and patience. The student speakers including Bhanu(X), Tavleen Kaur, Yashika Malhotra, Bhavuk (VIII) and Vinayak Joshi(IX) presented their thought provoking and enthusiastic ideas with great confidence. The speeches were followed by an interactive session between the guests and the students in which many creative and constructive ideas were searched out and developed to build up healthy relationships. The elderly guests showered their blessings on the students and the event concluded on progressive and healthy note.

Lets Cook Up Comets

The Astronomy Club of DAV Public School, Sarabha Nagar Extn, Ludhiana in association with Space Astronomy Club organised ‘Cooking A Comet’ activity for the students of classes VI-VIII. The activity spanned from 23rd July, 2015 to 24th July 2015. On 23rd July the resource persons from Space Astronomy Club covered up the theoretical part to develop the understanding of Comets and Asteroids. To aid the learning an informative PPT was shown to the students as assistance to the following activity. On 24th July, the activity began with great vigour. The students gathered in the school activity room with all the required material to create their personal comets. The students felt elated for the appreciation bestowed to them for the commendable effort.
The Principal Dr. Mohan Lal Sharma Ji appreciated the skill and the talent of the students and ensured that these kids will be the generation next scientists.

YOGA : An Eternal Bliss

As per the declaration of Hon’ble P.M. Shri Narendra Modi Ji our school organized the celebration of International Yoga Day on 21st June 2015 on its campus. The principal Dr. Mohan Lal Sharma Ji accepted it as a great opportunity to impart this practice as being the means and tools to realign and rebalance body on regular basis. Amidst the ongoing summer break the students from class III to VII along with their parents were invited to join the celebrations. The excited crowd of parents, teachers and students gathered to perform yoga at 6:45 a.m. onwards . The morning kicked off with a holy beginning with a short prayer including bhajans that were recited by the participants to foster devotion (Bhakti) followed by a motivational speech by the doctor Mrs. Sonia who shared the multiple and noticeable benefits of regular yoga practice with the participants to warm up and encourage the students to participate and learn actively. The yoga drill included “Yogic Jogging”, several types of PraaNayaama (conscious breathing) including Loosening Practice, Tadasan, Vriksasana, Pada-Hastasana, Ardha Cakrasana, Trikonasana Bhadrasana, Ardha Ustrasana, Sasankasana, Vakrasana, Bhujangaasana, Salabhasana, Makarasana, Setubandhasana, Pavana Muktaasana Savasana, Kapabhati, Dhyan in Sambhavi Mudra and many more by the school physical education and yoga trainer Mrs. Naresh Kumari. During the practice the approach was to become conscious of the specific body part after doing a corresponding pose. The occasion concluded with a pledge to incorporate yoga in routine and recitation of Shanti path by the participants. The participants enjoyed these 45 mins. of work out thoroughly. It was indeed a fruitful fitness session for one and all. The principal Dr. Mohan Lal Sharma Ji emphasized that yoga must be restored not only because it is our ancient art but is a foundation of good health. He also extended his congratulations to the Hon’able P.M. for being so considerate about Indians and Indian asthetics. He also ensured his complete support to all the initiatives taken by Shri Narendra Modi Ji for the welfare of the nation.

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Circular Regarding Admission in DAV University


This is for your information that to instill the sense of oneness and common identity, DAVCMC has decided to introduce a common uniform in all DAV Public Schools all over the country. In this regard, as per the letter no. DAVCMC/3414 Dated:10 Nov. 2014, we are introducing this in phased manner. In its first phase new uniform will be introduced for the classes PreKg to V only in the session 2016-17. Its sample is displayed above. We will provide you with further details soon.

The new uniform for classes VI to XII will be introduced in the session 2017-18.

World Environment Day, 5th June 2015

As per the CBSE guidelines we are celebrating world environment day on 5th of June 2015. Students are encouraged to perform following activities at home during Summer Vacation on account of world environment day. The given task is to be submitted after vacation with their class incharges. it is compulsory for all to participate

Classes I to V

Slogan writing on ‘Save Environment’.

Classes VI to VIII

Poster making on the theme ‘”Save Energy”, “Protect your Environment”.

Classes IX to X

Essay Writing on “Role of wildlife sanctuaries in Conserving Wild Life”

Best entries will be awarded and uploaded on school website.

Students will take the following pledge on 5th June, 2015 to celebrate world environment day

Pledge to protect our Environment

I, being a responsible human being, will do my best to protect my Environment and fellow human beings In this endeavor it is my duty to protect Earth and its natural resources. I will adopt practices that help the Environment and minimize the wastage of natural resources. I pledge to spread the message of protection of Environment further and create awareness in my fellow human beings


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DAV Declares its Student’s Council

D.A.V Public School, Sarabha Nagar Extn., Ludhiana declared its students’ council for the session 2015-16 on 30th May, 2015. The Principal Dr. Mohan Lal Sharma Ji opines that truthful and honest leaders could only he reared and trained during school life. This time is the best to impart the qualitites of being a good politician. In a way the students learn to take up responsibilities and develop their problem solving abilities. Moreover, it becomes a source of motivation and inspiration for the rest of the students who aspire to be successful in life. The deserving students were honoured with various titles in the Investiture ceremony by the Principal Dr. Mohan Lal Sharma Ji. The students who have become the part of the school council are:
Head Boy                            – Abhineet Nayyar – XII Sci
Head Girl                            – Yastika - XII Sci
Vice Head Boy                   – Nomya Singla – XI Comm.
Vice Head Girl                   – Jhanvi – XI Sci

Houses Captain Vice Captain
A.P.J Abdul Kalam             – Divnoor Singh              Gurshreya Kaur
C.V. Raman                           -Milanpreet Singh         Jagjeevan Singh
R.K. Narayan                        -Tarandeep Singh          Sejalpreet Kaur
Rabindranath Tagore        -Pulkit Singla                  Snigdha

Sports                                     -Manavjot Singh Dhriti Vohra
XII Sci. XII Comm.

Cultural secretary           – Keshav Sood
Vice secretary                   -Bhavjeet Singh

Career Counseling Seminar for Classes (XI-XII)

These days education is deemed successful only if it is followed by a bright and handsome career that can lead to a high standard of living.

This vision has created a sense of struggle among the students to beat the pressure. In the quest to choose a suitable career DAV Public School, Sarabha Nagar Extn. Ludhiana organized a career counseling seminar for classes XI and XII on 28 May, 2015. Mr. Nitesh Jain, director Career Launcher took over the seminar as the resource person. He talked extensively on the prospects of taking up Law, BCOM, BBA etc for a progressive and successful career. He also encouraged the students to take up obstructions as challenges and suggested measures to deal with them confidently. The Principal Dr. Mohan Lal Sharma Ji extended his heartfelt thanks to Mr. Nitesh Jain for enlighting the students with his indepth knowledge. He also emphasized that curiosity sometimes may lead to anxiety. So it is important that we prepare our students for future well in advance by equipping them with complete knowledge and information about present profession criteria.

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