Career Counseling Seminar for Classes (XI-XII)

These days education is deemed successful only if it is followed by a bright and handsome career that can lead to a high standard of living.

This vision has created a sense of struggle among the students to beat the pressure. In the quest to choose a suitable career DAV Public School, Sarabha Nagar Extn. Ludhiana organized a career counseling seminar for classes XI and XII on 28 May, 2015. Mr. Nitesh Jain, director Career Launcher took over the seminar as the resource person. He talked extensively on the prospects of taking up Law, BCOM, BBA etc for a progressive and successful career. He also encouraged the students to take up obstructions as challenges and suggested measures to deal with them confidently. The Principal Dr. Mohan Lal Sharma Ji extended his heartfelt thanks to Mr. Nitesh Jain for enlighting the students with his indepth knowledge. He also emphasized that curiosity sometimes may lead to anxiety. So it is important that we prepare our students for future well in advance by equipping them with complete knowledge and information about present profession criteria.

A Peep into Space-Session with the Parents

After getting a huge students’ response the Space Technology and Education Private Ltd. organized a workshop for the parents of the students who showed keen interest in the Space Astronomy Club. The parents gathered in huge numbers to hear Mr.Aman Mittal (Head of Space and the resource person). Mr. Mittal elaborated the utility of each and every activity that would be conducted for the benefit of the students. He unveiled the importance of astronomy and space science as a great career option for the students having scientific aptitude. The virtual experience of the space in the AV-Room convinced the parents to invest in the project without any hesitation for the interest of their children. The experts removed the doubts and answered the queries up to the satisfaction of the parents.

A Big thank to you all Moms from DAV Pakhowal Road, Ldh.

A Mom holds a special place in each child’s life whether it is a baby or a grown up. And Mother’s Day is a celebration meant for all mothers or mother like women to make them feel special for the efforts done by them to make us comfortable and secure. People across regions, religions, cultures have similar emotions binding them to their  mothers. Keeping this bond in mind, DAV Public School, Sarabha Nagar, Extension, Ludhiana, had a special celebration on Mother’s Day. The tiny tots of Kindergarten had a splendid time making a card for their mommies. It was a pleasure watching these super excited children preparing unique and creative greeting cards and book marks to be carried home as a surprise for their mothers. The students of LKG and UKG came dressed up as their mommies and spoke heart touching lines for them. On this occasion the Principal Dr. Mohan Lal Sharma ji extended his heartfelt thanks to all the mothers . He stated that celebrating only 1 day is not sufficient for the sacrifice of mothers. Mother’s day should be a time to remind us that we have been neglecting our duties as sons and daughters.This is a sacred relationship and we must honour our mothers as long as we live as a true tribute to our mothers.

A Peep into the space

Today astronomy has become an important field of research and a great career option for youth. Therefore, to stir the scientific curiosity among the students, D.A.V. Public School, Sarabha Nagar Ext., Ludhiana in association with space technology and education private limited organized a brain storming workshop for classes VI-VIII from 4-5-2015 to 5-5-2015. The workshop was presided over by Mr. Aman Mittal (Head of ‘Space’) and Mr. Amoor Singh, The education from ‘Space’. They elaborated the students on universe and its components, space event calendar, time, directions, seasons, basic of rocketry. The school A.V. room was converted into a mini planetarium which led to a virtual space walk for students. The students enjoyed the concept of astronomy to the fullest. The perfect demonstration with a perfect explanation did wonders. The principal Dr. Mohan Lal Sharma Ji thanked the ‘Space’ faculty for rendering a wonderful experience to the students. He also stressed that building Astronomers and Space Scientists is an essential step towards developing a nation indeed.

Earth Day-A step for a Healthy Earth

The declining health of our environment has become a major concern for the biologists around the world. In the quest to make our lives comfortable and luxurious we have wishfully adopted the technology that has shaken the roots of the earth. It is high time that we should warn the upcoming youth about the alarming dangers in the guise of natural calamities haunting over the Earth. In this venture the students of D.A.V. Public School, Sarabha Nagar Extn. ,Ludhiana came forward to give latitude to the celebration of ‘Earth Day’ in the school on               22nd April,2015. The students of Kindergarten wing participated in the Rhyme Show based on nature. They recited beautiful and thought provoking rhymes that won hearts of many. The students of class 6th marched out a rally in adjoining area spreading message of greenery and prosperity. They also planted various saplings on the way raising slogans to keep the city clean and green. They also gifted saplings to the residents to plant in their yards. Around 200 trees were planted on school campus. Several activities were organized like Slogan writing, Best out of waste, Green classroom Award etc..The Principal Dr. Mohan Lal Sharma Ji appealed the staff and the students to keep their surroundings green not only in school but at home also. Each one’s contribution can bring a huge difference and we can save our earth and make it worth living for one and all.



Best Out of Waste Activity:

Yudhveer Singh VI-C     First

Kulwinder Kaur VI-C     Second

Simarjit Singh VI-C   and  Bhavya Singla VI-H     Third

Green Class Award –

VI-B                         First

VI-D and VI-I     Second

VI-A                      Third


The Heritage and Cultural Fair-2015

India is one of the oldest civilizations in the world and so are its customs and traditions, which are reflective of the rich and culture and heritage of the country.Equally true is the declining state of moral values among the youth as they are prone to contemporary technological advancement. Therefore, to create space for cultural rebonding and implantation of moral values DAV Public School, Sarabha Nagar Extn., Ludhiana organized ‘The Heritage and Cultural Fair-2015’ on its campus on 21st April 2015.The fair was inaugurated by worthy Principal Dr. Mohan Lal Sharma ji. It was a significant effort made by the school to thrive in the traditional values and utilitarian aspects among the students.  The fair was the fusion of cultures of two states Punjab and Assam encompassing the rich history and the pulsating social life. The fair gave a glimpse into the magnanimity of the origin of the cultures. The fair featured the presentation of folk songs and dances, routine activities in the households, traditional delicacies and cuisines, and traditional and new methods of farming etc.The students came forward to participate and be a part of this initiative.They added spice to the show by exhibiting their knowledge about ancient games and sports.The exhibition mirrored the lifestyle of the people in the villages.The teachers also left no stone unturned to impart this wonderful experience of cultural swing to the students. The day was thoroughly enjoyed in ecstasy by one and all.

The Principal Dr. Mohan Lal Sharma ji elaborated that our culture instills a sense of pride in the heart of every Indian within the country and abroad and this was a modest attempt at keeping its flame alive. He expressed that he feels contented that he has been given this duty to generate and regulate the values of love and respect towards the customs and the cultures among the upcoming youth.



Our school organized a fancy dress competition for class V on its campus on 15th April 2015. The students came dressed up in replica of famous personalities. Each one preached a social message. The contestants competed individually giving a cut throat competition to the fellows. The principal Dr. Mohan Lal Sharma stressed that it is important to make the upcoming youth aware of what is right in real sense. He elaborated that the thoughts of students should have an impression of a truthful world which can only be imparted through such activities. This will motivate the children to think big and dream big. The main objective was to bring the true vision of these socially elite figures to light.

The results for the same are:

Name of the Student Class & Sec Position
Mehar Bajaj V-H 1st
Prerna V-E  


Nimanjot kaur V-D
Kawaleen Kaur V-G  


Gurleen kaur V-D
Akseen V-F  


Aasha vaid V-H


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