Activity Name :Healing Herbs Around the World

Activity 1  Guest Lecture

A guest lecture was organized to acquaint the students  of classes  VI and VIII about the medicinal herbs around the world . The renowned resource person Ms.Richa Thakur shared that plants are used as medicines in the eastern and western worlds since ages. Many herbal remedies  were shared  during the interaction .

Learning Outcome

Students were acquainted with the various herbal remedies.

They were encouraged to grow medicinal plants in their gardens.

Activity 2

Visit to Herbal Garden

A visit to Herbal Garden at Punjab Agriculture University , Ludhiana  was organized for the students of classes VII and VIII . Mrs Pooja  Singh , the biology teacher  explained the benefits of the  various herbal plants  grown in the university garden.

Learning Outcome

 Students were acquainted with the climatic conditions required to grow the various herbs.

 Learned ,the ways to grow them

   Activity 3

Bulletin Board Decoration

The students of classes I ans II decked up their classroom bulletin boards with the artistic representation of the various herbal plants .The students were also given the opportunity to explain the herbs drawn by their peers .

Learning Outcome

To identify the various herbs

To use herb as medicine

Activity 4

Making ppts

Students of classes IV and V prepared ppts . They explained the benefits and weather conditions

required to grow the various herbs. Ppts were shown to their peer groups to increase their  knowledge about  the herbs.

Learning Outcome

Students are  able to identify the various herbs.

Activity 5

Maintain and grow your own herbarium

Students of classes III, IV and V collected the various herbs grown in their surroundings. They pasted

the different herbs in their scrap books and explained the uses of the medicinal herbs. Scrap books

were exchanged to add more to their knowledge.

Learning Outcome

To recognise and classify the various herbs.

To increase their artistic skills.

Activity 6

Making Journals

Students of classes VII and VIII collected the pictures of the herbs grown all around the world. They

printed their self journal . Information about the medicinal herbs was given in detail.

Learning Outcome

Students were able to classify the herbs according to their benefits

They were acknowledged about the usage of herbs in preparing different medicines.

Activity 7

Herbal Recipies

Students of classes IX and X prepared healthy cuisines using the herbs as the main ingredient.

Cooking Procedure and benefits of the recipes were shared with the audience.

Learning outcome

To add herbs as their food item

Activity 8

Herbal First Aid Kit

 Students of classes IV and V prepared herbal first aid kit after researching about the medicinal herbs

found in their area. Benefits of the different herbs  kept in the box were explained by them.

Learning outcome

How herbs can be used as first aid in emergency?

Benefits of using herbs in place of the different medicines available in the market.

Activity 9


Students of class 1 planted the various herbs in their school garden with the help of  the school gardener.They pledged to nurture

the sapling .They were motivated to grow the herbs in their kitchen gardens or pots.

Learning outcome

The role of herbs in the purification of the air.


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