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Dear Students


The academic session 2018-19 is going to conclude very soon. Evidently, the final examination for the same is around the corner. Keeping in mind the efforts made throughout the year and to reap the best of result, I extend my warm wishes for the success of your examination. Exam time is not only crucial for the students but teachers also. It demands lot of diligence, perseverance and commitment to deal with the complimentary stress. But remember that the path to success is purely based on hardwork, determination, optimism and patience. Accept challenges that life throws at you. Adopt new strategies to match your goals, be flexible in your approach to life and keep moving until you reach your destination.

The beauty of the life lies in accepting the challenges by focussing on the goals and minimizing the distractions. Knowledge bears its fruits only when it is applied with one pointed attention and focus. Even nature stands as a witness to the principle of focus. The Sun focussed through a magnifying glass, has the potency to burn a hand or a paper, but when the same Sun rays, which are scattered, focussed through a solar panel can heat water, cook food and produce electricity. When mental energies are scattered, we may have the knowledge that our teachers and trainers give us, but we cannot be actually sure that knowledge would bring success to us. So, just like magnifying glass, you have to minimize all distractions and bring that pointed focus.

Respect the opinions of the elders and understand their concern for you. Make your choices right, keep your attitude proper on a daily basis, put the best workmanship into building your life, because based on what you build, you will have to live in it tomorrow. So, choose rightly, act honestly and build wisely.

Wish you all the very best for examination! May you all come out with flying colours.


Dr. Satwant Kaur Bhullar