Learning foreign languages not only gives ways to communicate with people in other countries, but also deepens respect for our multi-faceted world.Through language learning one gets exposed to the different set of aesthetics, cuisines, philosophies, politics, histories and traditions. Training children at school level proves to be beneficial for the young stakeholders in securing white collar jobs and conversing with their international and national clients without any language barrier.

Following the objective of bringing people of diverse language close to each other by bridging communication gaps DAV Public School, Pakhowal Road, Ludhiana gave its students a multilingual classroom. The students gained training in French and Spanish language throughout the year. Different activities were conducted for the students to showcase their learning in front of their parents, classmates and foreigner pals. Their French and Spanish pals lauded their Indian friends for accepting their language in beautiful manner and teaching them their native language.

Activity 1

Information about the importance of learning different language

Students of classes IV to VII were acquainted with the importance of learning foreign languages apart from their mother tongue through PPT. The zealous students showed their keen interest in equipping their mind library with new pronunciations and words to present themselves effectively on international platforms.

Learning Outcomes

1.The students tried pronunciations of words which are synonyms to their words of their language.

2. It helped the students to understand the language basic structure in a simplified manner.


Activity 2

Preparing the flashcards (Phonics of French and Spanish words, numbers, greetings, animals and foods items)

The French students (IV-VII) gave shape to their words through their creative flashcards. The students made their fellow mates aware about the French and Spanish way of saying a number, names of animals, food items and greet their friends in an effective manner. This activity boosted their confidence in uttering the French and Spanish words with clarity.

Learning Outcome

1. It enhanced their creative skill of the students.

2. The students gained confidence in usage of the language with proper pronunciation according to the situation.


Activity 3

To teach the French and Spanish translations

Ever language has different ways to say the same thing in a different manner, keeping this in mind an activity was planned for students (IV-VII), where they came up for live session on camera and showcased their skill of translating sentence from their native language to French and Spanish language.

Learning Outcomes

1. This activity brought students closer to refinement of the language and pronunciations.

2. They learnt how to make themselves more presentable while conversing.


Activity 4

Exchange of letters with students (Pen pals) with overseas schools

To encourage overseas conversation the students were given an opportunity to share how multilingual classroom has made a difference in their life.

Learning Outcomes

1. This helped students to explore each other’s strengths.

2. Pen pals gave students an opportunity to converse overseas and gained writing confidence.

Activity 5

PPT on different languages (French Spanish, English and Hindi)

The students of Class V to VII were shown PPT based on different languages which proved beneficial for students.

Learning Outcome

  1. Students comprehend the languages in a better way.
  2. They got an exposure to use language in a smart and better way in their future careers.

Activity 6

Learn and recite poem in different languages (French, Spanish, Hindi and English)

The students of classIV to VII enthusiastically exhibited their recitation skills in the poem recitation activity. The students step forward with their poems and they were given marks on the bases of their presentation.

Learning Outcomes:

1 The young poets of different languages felt encouraged to compose poems on their own.

2 They learnt how express their feelings through poem with proper intonation.

Activity 7

Role play activity in French, English and Hindi

Role play is the best way to learn any language. Keeping this in objective in mind Students were given an opportunity of present their language skills in the form of role play. While students presented their acts in French language at the same time two students narrated the same thing in English and Hindi language for the audience so that they can connect with the acts nicely.

Learning Outcomes

1 Students gained confidence in usage of language in different situations effectively.

2 This activity worked on the improvement of spoken skills.

Activity 8

Student exchange programme online (Skype)

Skype session for students of class VI to VII students was organised where they got a chance to interact face to face with their foreign friends. The students interacted and taught each other some common words of greeting and their pronunciations.

Learning Outcomes

1. This activity boosted confidence of the students.

2 This helped the students to hold healthy discussions overseas that to in the language their foreign pals speak.

Definitely such multilingual classrooms encourage students to polish their spoken skills and to be presentable on national and international level. Moreover, it helps them to interact in an effective manner with people. During this learning process teachers and students had to face certain challenges while conversing and understanding the language. Students at first found it difficult to use French and Spanish language due to their pronunciation variations. Still with sheer efforts everyone gained learnt the basic structure of language and overseas interaction proved as a boon in simplifying this language journey.


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