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Event Start Date : 16/10/2019 Event End Date 16/10/2019


The staff and students of DAV Public School, Pakhowal Road, Ludhiana paid a floral tribute to the divine mentor, Mahatama Anand Swami ji on October 16, 2019. A sacred Yajana was performed to pay homage to the noble soul. The grand event was made momentous with the presence of Hon'ble Captain V.K. Sayal ji. Dr. Bhullar enlightened the gathering with the pious life of Mahatama Anand Swamiji. She stated that it is a matter of great pride for each DAVean to commemorate the birth anniversary of such a towering personality who was an epitome of wisdom and simplicity and whose legacy is being carried forward by Arya Rattan Padamshree Dr Punam Suri Ji, President DAVCMC, New Delhi. She stated that his life is an open book and it's each chapter is a golden leaf. His guiding principles are a store house of values and secrets of an accomplished life. The day became memorable one when Pr. Dr. Satwant Kaur Bhullar, President of AryaYuva Samaj, Punjab, flagged off a team of the school  Arya Yuva Samaj volunteers with grocery to an old age home. Dr. Bhullar shared that this initiative was an effort to add a touch of humanity and to broaden the smiles on every child’s face.

The day started with pious Hawan and recitation of Vedic mantras which drenched the entire ambience into serenity. The music department recited melodious Bhajans which transported the gathering to the world of serenity. To promote the Vedic values amongst students G.K. Quiz on Arya Samaj ‘Kaun Banega Arya Rattan’ was organized. The audience gave an overwhelming response to religiously prepared PPT on life of Mahatama Anand Swami ji. A play depicting the journey of the noble Mahatama presented by the young actors was lauded by gathering.

The students developed an empathetic and loving bond with the senior citizens and shared  cheer. Hon'ble Captain V. K. Sayal ji emphasized the indispensable role of Mahatama Anand Swami ji in bringing reforms in the society with his Vedic approach. He was the one of aspired to wean the Indians away from meaningless rituals and guided them towards true Vedic ideologies.

Mrs. Meenakshi Sood, Hindi Department, said that the school has been working on the ideology of Mahatama Anand Swami since its inception. The students are rooted with the values of Arya Samaj through various activities and seminars. She shared that the students and teachers take it an honour for themselves to follow the foot trails of Mahatama Anand Swami.

 Pr. Dr. Bhullar appreciated the pursuits of the teachers for imbibing the core values amongst students. She said that being a good and responsible human being is the true reverence to the holy mentor.

 Dr. Satwant Kaur Bhullar