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Cyber Crime and POCSO Act  

Law Club launched by DAV Pakhowal Road Ludhiana

To Create awareness about Cyber Crime and POCSO Act DAV Public School Pakhowal Road Ludhiana inaugurated its Law Club for the teachers and students on 18 Aug 2018. The principal Dr.Satwant Kaur Bhullar initiated the session by sharing the objectives of the Club. She shared that the Law Club has been made mandatory by CBSE to exercise control over cyber bullying and internet crimes. She strongly emphasised to educate youngsters about the cyber crime. She also stated that the school is equipped with all the resources to aid the society .

The Club incharges Mr Akashdeep Tangri HOD Informatics Practices and Mrs Deepa Malhotra created awareness on problems arising due to ignorant use of social networking , online transactions and phone apps.  The thoughtful presentations on safe and secure banking soughted out. 

Mrs Deepa Malhotra, PGT Economics acquainted the teachers about the POCSO Act . She elaborated the clauses and provisions in the Act and suggested remedies to keep a check on alarming and unfortunate incidents. She also shared the role of parents and teachers in creating awareness about proximity.

The school counselor Isha threw light on brutality in sex abuse and sexual offences. She shared that teachers should make efforts to channelise the energy of the students into productive ways to help them divert their attention from indulging into such malpractices. 

Dr Bhullar added that the parents and teachers must make it clear to the students the limits of acceptable body touch. She also advised the teachers to be vigilant about the safety and security of the students. 

The teachers were motivated to take preventive measures. These sessions will be a regular feature for the students in the school.The parents would also be apprised and informed about the latest POCSO laws through timely circulars and PTMs.


Dr Satwant Kaur Bhullar